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  At Justkickstart, we're a big fan of Kickstarter projects. We think that crowdfunding is an exciting way for inventors, artists, and designers to bring their products to life! As the largest crowdfunding site in the world, Kickstarter has no shortage of innovative and revolutionary ideas. How does Kickstarter work? It's simple. Creators pitch well-formulated concepts and products to the crowdfunding community and people can "back" the product. Backing means that they pledge a certain amount of money and, in return, can get the physical product once it becomes available. If not enough pledges are raised to meet a pre-determined goal, the project will be deemed unsuccessful and anyone that has put money towards the project will be refunded.

  While we love the crowdfunding platform that Kickstarter provides, we know that many people want more information about specific Kickstarter projects. We also realize that backing a campaign can be a significant investment and most backers are excited to see how their favorite new inventions are performing on Kickstarter and whether or not they'll reach their goals. JustKickStart.com is an ongoing work in progress that we've developed so that users can learn more about Kickstarter projects from day one of launch, see projections for the future, and have full search options for both past and present campaigns.
-Evan H